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10.3.2: Communications Quiz Mini Review Communications Quiz

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    READING 091/100
    Communications Quiz Mini Review - Communications Quiz

    Learning Objectives

    • Quiz review activity
    • Turn in Reader’s Notebooks

    • Take Quiz

    • HOMEWORK: Complete reading of “The Confidence Gap” if you didn’t already. We will be working with it on Wednesday. Be prepared!

    What elements from the list below contribute to the shared “field of experience” between speaker and audience? 

    1. Personality

    2. Education

    3. Culture

    4. Beliefs

    5. Values

    6. Heredity

    Interactional Model: Decoding and Encoding 

    Schramm and Weaver’s interactional model presents two basic processes of communication, encoding and decoding.   

    ______________________ is what a source (speaker) does when “creating a message, adapting it across some source-selected channel” for delivery to a receiver (audience). 

    A.  decoding  B.  encoding

    DeVito’s Four Dimensions - Practice


    You are preparing a speech to encourage students in your Reading 091 class to attend at least one speaker event during Genocide Week in March 2015. Work with others in your group to explain and prepare to report out on how you will use DeVito’s four dimensions of public speaking to help you plan your speech and appeal to your audience.

    • Physical
    • Temporal
    • Social-psychological
    • Cultural

    Reader’s Notebook and Quiz 

    • Put today’s entry in your Table of Contents
    • Submit notebook
    • Take quiz
    • HOMEWORK: Review “The Confidence Gap” to note what you found most interesting about the article personally. (Finish “The Confidence Gap” if you didn’t already.) 

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