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8.3.3: Read and Annotate Ch. 1 from Stand Up, Speak Out

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    I will provide the Ch. 1 packet for you in class. Note: In many of your content courses, professors will expect you to print out your own reading content. This allows you to have text you can annotate and take notes on, but YOU have to retrieve and print it yourself. Since this is a reading class, I am providing these materials to help you hone your reading skills by reading closely on paper you can write on. 


    1. Survey Chapter 1 from Stand Up, Speak Out by skimming the text.
    2. Annotate the text deeply with labels:paraphrase new words, identify important concepts from the learning objects, paraphrase key concepts in the margins, record questions you have about the information, note your own experiences that are related to the material and help you better understand the author's message.

    You must bring this to our next class completed in order to earn points.  Points will be awarded using the 5 point scale.  Strive for "EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS".  

    8.3.3: Read and Annotate Ch. 1 from Stand Up, Speak Out is shared under a not declared license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by LibreTexts.

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