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1.2.3: Reader's Notebook Rubric CAMERON

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    Knowledge +






    Not Yet



    No Effort


    No Evidence

    Overall Requirements

    Score: _____

    Overall, exceeds requirements in all areas, including daily note-taking.

    Outstanding work effort.

    Meets all requirements with satisfactory effort, completion, quality and


    Meets all or most requirements with adequate work that varies in quality from strong to weak or incomplete.

    Meets less than the minimum requirements, and/or the work is low quality or unfinished, reflecting uneffortful and incomplete work indicating low engagement.

    Fails to complete the assigned work and take daily notes.

    Quality of Entries

    Score: _____

    Entries are complete, thoughtful, and reflect a high level of cognitive engagement with the material.

    Reflects effortful performance.  

    Entries are thorough, detailed, and reflect understanding of the

    assignment and/or what is required by the purpose of the entry.

    Some responses reflect thoughtful engagement with the material or purpose, but the quality varies from strong to less than satisfactory.

    Entries are incomplete and some are missing. Reflects low effort and course engagement.

    Fails to meet the quality requirements.

    Dai ly Note Pages

    Score: _____

    Notes pages reflecting each day’s class agenda are complete and reflect work outside of class.

    Contains note pages for every class session, meeting, but not

    exceeding the


    Contains a note page for every class session, but one or two entries contain little content or effort at reviewing or further note-taking.

    Missing note pages for class notes and work

    reflects low effort and re-engagement with the material.

    Unsatisfactory daily note pages; pages missing or in complete.


    Score: _____

    (Note: You may have different note entries and additional entries, so your TOC may not look like another student’s.)

    Notebook has

    neat, well-organized Table of Contents, each entry page is labeled with the title, the date, and the page number.

    The Table of Contents and the entries match up.

    A majority of entries are neatly labeled, dated, and paginated and align with Table of Contents,

    Satisfactory organization, but with a few entries missing the title, date, or page number.

    Reflects minimal

    organization and little effortful preparation.

    Unsatisfactory organization; does not meet the minimum requirements for organization.

    _____/20 POINTS


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