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1.2: Assignment - Submit WordPress URL

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  • This course utilizes WordPress, which is a blogging tool free to anyone with a WordPress account. One of the reasons you will use WordPress to publish your work is so you retain ownership of it can easily share it with the world. In this exercise, you’ll create your WordPress account and share your blog URL.


    1. Visit the WordPress sign up page to create your WordPress account.
    2. Take some time to explore WordPress.
    3. Create your WordPress blog home page.
    4. Submit the URL of your blog to your instructor.


    Points: 10

    Submitting: a website URL

    Submit Word Press Blog URL KEEP
    Criteria Ratings Points
    WordPress Blog URL Student submits URL
    10 pts
    Student does not submit URL
    0 pts
    10 pts
    Create and share a WordPress blog URL for publishing classwork. Exceeds expectations
    0 pts
    Meets expectations
    0 pts
    Does not meet expectations
    0 pts
    0 pts
    TOTAL POINTS 10 pts
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