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Advanced College Reading and Study Skills

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  • Course Description:

    This course develops the specific college reading skills and learning strategies which will enable the student to read academic texts efficiently, effectively and independently. The course emphasis is on the transfer and practical application of comprehension, critical thinking, vocabulary, and study skills to college-level text material.

    Learning Outcomes:

    1. Employ metacognitive strategies when reading and studying college-level material.
    2. Apply critical reading and thinking strategies to texts from various disciplines.
    3. Produce notes and graphic organizers that successfully organize information from academic texts.
    4. Use vocabulary strategies to expand word knowledge and overall comprehension of college-level texts.
    5. Evaluate library resources.


    1. Metacognitive strategies
    2. Academic reading and study strategies
    3. Vocabulary enhancement
    4. Information literacy skills
    5. Critical thinking and reasoning skills
    6. Responding to texts through writing

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