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9.6: Escritura- Mi día festivo favorito

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    Make sure you have your spell check set to Spanish. Don't have it set to automatically make corrections, but rather only to underline your errors. Google Docs often asks if you might mean to use another conjugation. That doesn´t mean yours is wrong! Make sure to think about it before you make any changes.

    Write about your favorite holiday or celebration.

    1st paragraph: Describe your favorite holiday, how it is celebrated, and why it is your favorite holiday.

    2nd paragraph: Write about how you used to celebrate this holiday as a child.

    3rd paragraph: Write about how you celebrated a specific year.

    If you want to write about a different topic, let me know. It just has to include an intro, how things used to be, and what happened at a specific time.

    You have some choice as to what you write. In the last paragraph, make sure to include the following:

    1. Background information for the narration of something that happened in the past.

    2. A reaction to something that happened.

    3. Two or more things that happened at the same time in the past.

    4. One action interrupting another in progress in the past.

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