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4.2: Culture- Interviews- Communication, language and style

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    Spanish- Communication Style

    Some cultures have more of a direct communication and negotiation style, while other cultures have a more indirect style of communication. What is it like for you?

    th_uscanga.jpg Carlos Romero Uscanga (Xalapa, Mexico) “In Mexico usually what we think of as negotiation is really more like establishing a long-term relationship…”
    th_cavazos.jpg Alfredo Cavazos (Monterrey, Mexico) “The method of negotiation in Mexico depends a lot on the international experience that the company might have…”
    th_alicia.jpg Alicia Fonseca Reséndiz (Monterrey, Mexico) “Well I think here in Mexico, people are a little bit warmer and we try to get involved a bit more…”
    th_naranjo.jpg Enrique Vila Naranjo (Lima, Peru) “It is always the custom here, in Peru, whether it be in an office or in some arrangement to go to lunch…”
    th_balestrini.jpg Julio Balestrini Ponce (Lima, Peru) “I would like to tell you a little of my former training. Before coming to the company where I now work…”
    th_salmon.jpg Roberto Salmón Rodríguez (Lima, Peru) “Well, talking hear with the Professor, we have been able to come to some conclusions and among them…”

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