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2.4: Producing Information

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  • The process of information creation follows a timeline. As soon as an event occurs, social media and online news sources are the first to provide coverage. Magazines and newspapers will follow shortly after, and journal articles and books take even longer to get published.

    Knowing this will be important in your research: if you choose a very recent event to write about, you will likely not find information about it in a book or scholarly article. You may, however, need to expand your topic to look for a similar or related event, or broader treatment of the subject, which you can still use to support your writing.


    Information timeline
    Image by adstarkel.


    ACTIVITY: Explore the timeline

    The following timeline details how the media covered an important news event in 2012. Maximize the screen for best viewing.

    An interactive or media element has been excluded from this version of the text. You can view it online here:

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