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    Licensing Information

    Unless otherwise noted, all content contained herein is either not under copyright in the United States (primarily due to the expiration of the copyright) or the work has been released into the Public Domain by the author. All content is under a license that allows this work in its entirety to be reproduced and reprinted, but not for commercial purposes. Due to licenses that apply to certain sections of this book, it is safest to presume this work as a whole to be under a CC-BY-NC-ND license.

    How to Cite this Work

    When citing this work, please make sure that this conforms to the rules for citing an edited volume in your citation style. For APA style, all you simply need to use is “Levin, N. (Ed). (2019). Critical Reasoning and Writing: An Open Educational Resource. N.G.E. Far Press.” Remember that the author(s) of every piece in this work are noted, and if there is none listed, then it is the work of the editor. To cite a specific chapter, use the citation information listed in the footnote at the beginning of the chapter and include it as being from this volume (if desired, and as appropriate to your style). For example, to cite Chapter 2 in this work for APA style, you would use, “DiGiovanna, J. (2013). Introduction to Critical Thinking. In Levin, N. (Ed). (2019). Critical Reasoning and Writing: An Open Educational Resource. N.G.E. Far Press.”

    You can find all my works available wherever there is a desire to read them. And for FREE here:

    NGE Far Press

    A Phony Publisher for Real Works

    You can contact the author at the above website or at Critical Reasoning and Writing: An Open Educational Resource

    Collected and Edited by Noah Levin, PhD

    Golden West College Huntington Beach, CA Last Revision: January, 2019 Originally Released August, 2018

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