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4: Turn of the Twentieth Century and the Growth of Modernism (1893 - 1914)

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    • Berke, Bleil, & Cofer
    • Professors (English) at Middle Georgia State University, College of Coastal Georgia, & Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College
    • Sourced from University of North Georgia Press

    Learning Objectives

    • Analyze the ways in which the Industrial Revolution, western expansion, and significant immigration changed the nature of American literature.
    • Analyze the ways in which African-American literature develops in this period.
    • Explore the ways in which the two decades prior to World War I defined American masculinity for much of the twentieth century.
    • Critique the development of Modernist poetry during this period.

    Thumbnail: Booker T Washington, 1904 (Public Domain; Harris & Ewing via Wikipedia)

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