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2: Forming a Perspective on the Subject

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    • 2.1: Discovering and Honoring Your Passions and Values
      After reading a work carefully, annotating it, and reacting to it, the next step is to determine how it fits into your perspective on the world. Forming your own conclusions about a literary work, or a topic of any kind, is the first step to shaping an argument and, ultimately, making a case for your perspective through a persuasive essay
    • 2.2: Critical Perspectives
      Forming your perspective on a poem, story, or play might be easier if you understand some of the approaches commonly taken toward interpreting literature’s meaning. Literary studies have been around long enough that like-minded readers and scholars have gravitated toward basic common positions as they engage in dialogue with each other. As a result, there are a number of widely-recognized critical approaches to literature, from formalists to psychoanalytical critics.

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