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4.16.2: Reading and Review Questions

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    1. What does Fuller mean when she speaks of the universe-spirit and the desired relationship of humans to this universe-spirit? How do you know? How does this spirit relate to Emerson’s idea of “one universal order?”
    2. What role does this artist play in relation to the universe-spirit? Why? How do you know? What is the effect of this relationship on the place of women in society?
    3. To what degree and effect, does Fuller use Christian ideals, images, and language? What of classical (Greek and Roman) ideals, images, and language? How, if at all, does she reconcile the two?
    4. What position do women hold in the harmonious universe that Fuller describes? Why? How? What role do they hold in the universe as it is, i.e. in disharmony with the universe-spirit? Why? How?
    5. How do Fuller’s transcendental tenets correct, or improve upon, failures (even atrocities) of such American institutions as Puritanism, Slavery, Domesticity, and/or Government?

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