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3.12.5: Reading and Review Questions

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    1. In “To Sir Toby,” why does Freneau group “despots” with such other of “nature’s plagues” as “Snakes, scorpions. . . lizards, centipees?”
    2. In “To Sir Toby,” what are some of the atrocities perpetrated on slaves that Freneau lists? How do these atrocities connect with the poem’s opening declaration that Sir Toby’s slaves suffer hell on earth?
    3. What actual knowledge about Native American culture does Freneau display in “The Indian Burying Ground?” What is his attitude towards Native Americans? How do you know?
    4. Despite being “unnatural,” according to Freneau in “On Mr Paine’s Rights of Man,” why have monarchs managed to rule “this globe?”
    5. By what means, and why, does Freneau destroy the “heroism” of such figures as Wallace, Greaves, Dunmore, and Montague? What does his doing so suggest about American democratic ideals?

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