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1.6: GM Food

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    Making GM food

    Learning Goals

    In this chapter, you will learn to:

    • Hear, read, and write blends with r, l, and t
    • Copy short sentences
    • Read common sight words in a paragraph
    • Answer questions about a story
    • State an opinion about a reading
    • Give sentence answers to questions

    Talk About It

    • Have you heard that people in labs make new kinds of fruits and vegetables?
    • Would you mind eating fruits and vegetables that were made by people in a lab?

    Picture Dictionary

    Use the pictures to help you figure out the words.
    hard-hat-300x231.png girl-15715_640-300x200.jpg weather-153934_640-208x300.png
    hard cold weather
    corn-crop-300x172.jpg weather-300x255.png fruit-300x199.jpg
    crop rain fruits
    sold-300x225.jpg change-300x200.jpg company.jpg
    sold change company
    help-wanted.jpg bird-312769_640-300x190.png test-196x300.png
    help bird test
    Practice reading these words without the pictures.
    sold test fruits crop
    hard help weather rain
    bird change company cold

    Word Skills

    Word Patterns

    A consonant is any letter that is not a vowel. For example, the letters b, c, d, f, g, h, and j are consonants. A blend is when two consonants go together and each consonant makes a sound.

    The letters dr in drip are a blend.

    The letters dr in drip are a blend.
    Read these words. Underline the blend. The first one is done for you.
    hands-309140_640-286x300.png frog-152633_640-300x285.png steps-388914_640-300x200.jpg
    1. clap 2. frog 3. step
    plum-148405_640-243x300.png drum-307908_640-260x300.png stop-sign-37020_640-293x300.png
    4. plum 5. drum 6. stop
    golf-club-159366_640-300x284.png cradle-308342_640-300x227.png shooting-star-147722_640-300x223.png
    7. club 8. crib 9. star
    canada-159585_640-300x199.png crab-42880_640-300x177.png stem-200x300.png
    10. flag 11. crab 12. stem
    Check your work with the Answer Key at the end of this chapter.
    Practice reading these words without the pictures.
    crab star club
    stem plum clap
    step flag crib
    frog stop drum
    Your instructor will read these words to you. Underline the blend in each word. You will see these words in the story.
    crop fruit grow
    dry stay cold
    sold test
    Read the sentences. Then copy them. Use upper case letters, periods, and question marks correctly.
    Stop the car.
    Do not step on the bug.
    We put up a flag.
    He hit the drum.
    Was she bitten by a crab?
    Ask your instructor to check your work.

    Use Your Reading Skills

    Listen to GM Food. Then read GM Food in BC Reads: Adult Literacy Fundamental English – Reader 1.

    An audio element has been excluded from this version of the text. You can listen to it online here:

    Check Your Understanding

    Does each sentence say something good or bad about GM food?
    1. GM food can grow in cold weather. good bad
    2. GM food may kill bugs we need, like butterflies. good bad
    3. GM food may make birds sick. good bad
    4. GM food can stop bugs from eating it. good bad
    5. GM food may make people sick. good bad
    6. There have not been many tests on GM food. good bad
    7. GM food may grow in dry land in Africa. good bad
    8. GM food can stay good longer. good bad
    Check your work with the Answer Key at the end of this chapter.

    9. Do you think farmers should grow GM food? Use the underlined words to help form your answer.


    Ask your instructor to check your work.


    Grammar Rule

    You can use words from a question to form an answer.

    Question: Why is farming a hard job?

    Answer: Farming is a hard job because cold weather can kill your crops.

    Two things changed from the question to the answer:

    1. is farming changed to farming is
    2. because was used
    Answer this question in three more ways.

    Why is farming a hard job?

    1. _____________________________________________________


    2. _____________________________________________________


    3. _____________________________________________________


    Check your work with the Answer Key at the end of this chapter.

    Writing Task

    Have you ever visited a farm? Or have you ever visited a farmers’ market? Tell your instructor about your visit. Your instructor will write down your words. Then copy your story into your notebook.

    When you are done, read your story.

    • Did you begin each sentence with an upper case letter?
    • Did you use an upper case letter at the beginning of a person’s name?
    • Did you end each sentence with a period or question mark?
    • Are you missing any words?

    Answer Key

    Word Patterns
    1 clap
    2 frog
    3 step
    4 plum
    5 drum
    6 stop
    7 club
    8 crib
    9 star
    10 flag
    11 crab
    12 stem
    Check Your Understanding
    1 good
    2 bad
    3 bad
    4 good
    5 bad
    6 bad
    7 good
    8 good
    (Any three of the sentences below are correct.)
    Farming is a hard job because bugs can eat your crops.
    Farming is a hard job because weeds can hurt your crops.
    Farming is a hard job because your crops may need more rain than they get.
    Farming is a hard job because fruits and vegetables can go bad before they are sold.


    See the Attributions page near the end of this book.

    This page titled 1.6: GM Food is shared under a CC BY license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Shantel Ivits (BCCampus) .

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