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10.2: Introduction to Disfrutamos de videos en el portátil

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  • In this section, we’ll learn some of the vocabulary to talk about technology and the internet in Spanish.

    Screenshot of the language choice menu in Wikipedia
    When you’re looking something up on Wikipedia, try looking at it in Spanish as well!

    Needless to say, digital technology and the internet have created all sorts of new ways to learn and practice languages. The next time you’re on a wikipedia page, for instance, take a look at the left-hand menu. With many pages, you can choose “Español” and see the same content (or very similar) in Spanish. Or, when you’re streaming a TV show or movie, try turning on the Spanish subtitles– or switch the language to Spanish, and turn on the English subtitles!

    Language menu from Netflix, showing Audio switched to Spanish and Subtitles to English.
    On streaming services such as Netflix, many movies and TV shows offer Spanish audio or subtitles.

    You could even try changing the language of your computer or phone to Spanish! (Here are instructions about how to change the language of your computer).

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