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12.3: Adjetivos posesivos

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    Adjetivos Posesivos

    Possessive adjectives (adjetivos posesivos) indicate possession or kinship: to whom something belongs or to whom someone is related. As with any adjective in Spanish, it must agree in number and gender with the noun it modifies, but in this case gender agreement only affects the nosotros and vosotros forms. And unlike most other adjectives in Spanish, it is placed before the noun.

    Table 12.2. Possessive Adjectives with Examples.
    Mi tía, mis primos My aunt, my cousins
    Tu casa, tus plantas Your house, your plants
    Su libro, sus lápices His / her book, his / her pencils
    Nuestro(a) abuela, nuestros(as) parientes Our grandmother, our relatives
    Vuestro(a) trabajo, vuestros(as) jefes Your job, your bosses
    Su padre, sus hijos Their father, their sons

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