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11.3: La salud

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    La salud

    Listen to the pronunciation of the vocabulary listed below.

    Table 11.2 Chapter 11 Vocabulary: La salud.
    La cita The appointment
    el/la paciente the patient
    el/la médico(a)/doctor(a) the physician/doctor
    el/la recepcionista the receptionist
    el/la enfermero(a) the nurse
    la ambulancia the ambulance
    el hospital the hospital
    el consultorio the doctor’s office
    ¿Qué le duele? What is hurting (you)?
    me duele la cabeza/la rodilla/el brazo. My head/knee/arm hurts.
    ¿Qué tiene? What is wrong?
    tengo dolor de cabeza/estómago/oído. I have a headache/stomachache/earache.
    tengo fiebre. I have (a) fever.
    tengo diarrea. I have diarrhea.
    tengo gripe. I have the flu.
    tengo tos. I have a cough.

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