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9.2: Ejercicio 1

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    Ejercicio 1: Mis preferencias de viaje

    Answer the following questions about your travel preferences (preferencias de viaje). Sample answers have been provided. Feel free to replace the underlined items or preferences with your own. Don’t be afraid to consult the dictionary or ask your professor!

    1. ¿Qué llevas cuando viajas? Llevo mi teléfono celular.

    What do you take with you when you travel? I take my cell phone.

    1. ¿A dónde te gusta* viajar? ¿Por qué? Me gusta* viajar a Toronto porque tengo muchos amigos en Toronto.

    Where do you like to travel to? Why? I like to travel to Toronto because I have a lot of friends in Toronto.

    1. ¿Dónde compras tus boletos de avión/tren/autobús? Compro mis boletos de autobús en la estación.

    Where do you buy your plane/train/bus tickets? I buy my bus ticket at the station.

    1. ¿Qué tipo de hospedaje prefieres? Prefiero un hotel pequeño.

    What kind of accommodations do you prefer? I prefer a small hotel.

    Query \(\PageIndex{1}\)


    *Te gusta (you like) and me gusta (I like) are special constructions in Spanish. When expressing likes and dislikes you will generally use one of two forms: gusta and gustan. Each of these corresponds to the number in things (singular or plural) that you like or find pleasing.

    Me gustan los viajes. I like trips.
    Te gusta el vino tinto. You like red wine.

    It is important to note that gustar has romantic connotations when referring to people. To signal that you like someone’s personality, you would say me cae bien.

    Mi vecino me cae bien. I like my neighbour.

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