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5.1: Los colores

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    Listen to the pronunciation of the vocabulary listed below.

    Table 5.1. Chapter 5 Vocabulary.
    Los colores Colours
    rojo red
    azul blue
    amarillo yellow
    rosado pink
    morado purple
    anaranjado orange
    verde green
    blanco white
    marrón/café brown
    negro black
    gris grey
    ¿De qué color es …? What colour is …?

    Colours are adjectives and must therefore follow the same General Rules on adjective formation. For example, if the noun is masculine, the adjective must be masculine. If the noun is feminine and plural, the adjective must be feminine and plural.

    Table 5.2. Adjective Formation with Colours.
    Gender Singular Plural
    Masculine El carro rojo. Los carros rojos.
    Feminine La silla rosada. Las sillas rosadas.

    Select the play button to hear an example.

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