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1.3: Language Building lesson 3- How to use a dictionary

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    До урока:

    Complete this activity before class. Take a screenshot of your summary page and upload it to the D2L dropbox.

    Query \(\PageIndex{1}\)

    Домашнее задание:

    After day 2, complete the web quest and upload it to the dropbox. We will work on the web quest some in class together.

    Mini project vocabulary list research:

    Find the vocabulary list that you brainstormed as a part of a previous assignment. Now you will do more research on each of these words or phrases using the skills that you learned as part of the dictionary lesson.

    1. First, open this Google doc that you will use to create your vocabulary list. When the Google doc is open, go to “File” and “Make a copy” to make your own copy.
    2. Refer to the list of tools for researching words and fill out the table.
    3. Put the link to your Google doc in the D2L dropbox. Make sure the sharing settings are such that anyone who has the link can comment.

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