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4.3.1: Drills and Exercises

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    A. Cue: 野球と相撲とどっちの方がいい?
    Which do you like better, baseball or Sumo?
    Response: 野球より、相撲のほうがいい。 I like Sumo better than baseball.
    Cue: うどんとラーメンとどっちの方がいい?
    Which do you like better, Udon or Ramen?
    Response: うどんより、ラーメンの方がいい。I like Ramen better than Udon.

    B. Cue: 伝統的ですね。 It’s traditional, isn’t it?
    Response: ええ、伝統的だし、おもしろいし、大好きです。
    Yes, it’s traditional, it’s interesting, and I like it a lot.
    Cue: かっこいいですね。 It’s cool, isn’t it?
    Response: ええ、かっこいいし、おもしろいし、大好きです。
    Yes, it’s cool, it’s interesting, and I like it a lot.

    C. Say it in Japanese.
    You’ve been asked what you’d like to do.
    1. Since I’m in Japan (after much effort), I’d like to speak Japanese.
    2. Since I’m in Kyoto I’d like to take pictures of old temples and shrines.
    3. Since I’m going to France, I’d like to drink French wine.
    4. Since I’m going to Korea, I’d like to experience Korean tradition and culture.
    5. Since I’m in Japan, I’d like to make a lot of Japanese friends.

    Ask a friend the following.
    6. Which would you like, chopsticks or a fork?
    7. Which would you like to eat, ramen or sushi?
    8. Which is faster, a taxi or a train?
    9. Which class is most difficult this term among economics, history, and Japanese?
    10. Which is your favorite among Japanese, Western, and Chinese cooking?

    D. Act in Japanese
    1. Discuss what your favorite sports are and why.
    2. Discuss different country’s traditional food and sports.
    3. Discuss where you want to visit and why. Give more than one reason.
    4. You’ve been invited to a dinner party this weekend. Turn the invitation down
    politely, mentioning that it is very kind.
    5. Compare and discuss a) two or b) more than three items, including food and
    drink, languages, classes, movies, travel destinations, transportation, etc.

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