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1.1.1: Drills and Exercises

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    A. Cue: 結婚していますか。 Are you married?
     Response: いえ、していません。 No, I’m not.
     Cue: 大学に行っていますか。 Do you go to college?
     Response: いいえ、行っていません.No, I don’t.


    B. Cue: メール、見た? Did you see the email?
    Response: 今、見ています。 I’m looking at it right now.
    Cue: 宿題した? Did you do the homework?
    Response: 今、しています。 I’m doing it right now.
    * Repeat this drill substituting the formal form ~te imasu with ~te ru.


    C. Say it in Japanese
    On the phone, Yuuki, a friend, has asked you what you are doing.
    1. I’m waiting for the train.
    2. I’m watching baseball on TV.
    3. I was doing homework, but why?
    4. I was writing that report we talked about, but would you like to go out to drink later?
    5. Nothing particularly. How about you?


    You are going to interview a candidate for the internship in your office. Ask a co-worker
    about the candidate.
    6. Do you know this person? Who introduced him? (Who is his reference?)
    7. Is he here?
    8. Is he married? Engaged? Divorced? What does his wife do?
    9. Which college did he go to? What was his major? Has he taken courses in
    10. What dose he do now? 

    D. Act in Japanese
    1. Ask a friend what he is doing? What was he doing around 8 o’clock last night?
    2. Ask a client if she knows the company called Tokyo Digital.
    3. Ask a client to wait a little because you will make a copy of the documents.
    4. Ask classmates if they are married; it they want to get married; if not, why not; if yes,
    5. Ask a co-worker if Mr. Oda, another co-worker, is a) in today; b) gone to Europe; c)
    back from the business trip

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