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3.12: Answer Key- Research

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    3.7 Evaluating Your Sources

    Evaluating some sources

    Source 1: Dr. King seems to be a highly credible source on this topic and her work was published in an academic journal on education. In addition, her article addresses benefits of having African American teachers as well as problems with keeping them. This is relevant to the topic. However, this was published in 1993. Although it would be a good source if you wanted to talk about teacher diversity now compared with the past, it would not be a strong source for discussing the experiences of African American teachers today. Furthermore, it is not about college teachers.

    Source 2: This is research conducted by an organization, not a university professor. The organization clearly states information about their goals, and lists their funders. The organization may not be unbiased, but it makes it clear who is funding the research. The research is relevant and fairly current. This may be a good source to use in a paper on whether it is important to have teachers of color in colleges.

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