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5.8: Chronology

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    Date Event
    1609 Henry Hudson explored the Delaware and Hudson Rivers
    1614 Dutch merchants established Fort Nassau (near present day Albany)
    1621 Dutch government granted a charter to the Dutch West India Company (DWIC)
    1624 DWIC sent its first settlers to the Hudson River Valley and Manhattan Island
    1626 Peter Minuet purchased Manhattan Island from the local Indians
    1638 New Sweden Company began to colonize the Delaware River Valley
    1643 Kieft’s War between the Dutch and the Algonquians begins
    1655 New Netherland took over New Sweden
    1663 Carolina granted to the Lords Proprietors
    1664 Peter Stuyvesant surrendered New Netherland to English forces; Richard Nicholls implemented the Duke’s Laws for Staten Island, Long Island, and Westchester; Duke of York ceded portions of New York to Sir George Carteret and Lord John Berkeley
    1665 Bubonic Plague hit England; New Jersey’s proprietors issued the “Concessions and Agreement”
    1666 Great Fire of London destroyed much of the city
    1667 William Penn joined the Society of Friends (the Quakers)
    1670 Charles Town founded in the Carolinas; Secret Treaty of Dover between Charles II and Louis XIV of France
    1673 The Test Act placed restrictions on Catholics and Non-Conformists
    1674 English and Iroquois leaders entered into the Covenant Chain; Lord Berkeley sold his interest in New Jersey to a Quaker investor
    1676 New Jersey divided into East Jersey and West Jersey
    1680 Charles Town moves to its present location
    1681 Charles II makes William Penn the proprietor of Pennsylvania
    1682 Sir Carteret sells his interest in East Jersey to Quaker investors
    1683 New York’s colonial assembly met for the first time and drew up the “Charter of Liberties and Privileges”; Pennsylvania assembly adopted the “Great Lawn” and the second “Frame of Government”
    1684 English and Iroquois leaders signed the Treaty of Albany in which the Iroquois became subjects of the English Monarch
    1685 James II ascended to the throne and canceled the “Charter of Liberties and Privileges” for New York; Huguenots began arriving in Carlina
    1688 Glorious Revolution; William and Mary succeed to the throne as joint rules
    1689 Act of Religious Toleration passed; English Bill of Rights created by Parliament; Leisler’s Rebellion occurred in New York in response to the Glorious Revolution; The Triennial Act passed
    1692 Pennsylvania briefly became a royal colony
    1694 Death of Mary II; Pennsylvania reverted to a proprietary colony
    1696 Pennsylvania assembly adopted the third “Frame of Government”
    1700 -1704 James Moore and Indian allies raided Spanish Florida
    1701 William Penn approved the “Charter of Privileges” for Pennsylvania and Delaware
    1702 New Jersey became royal colony; Death of William and accession of Anne I
    1704 Apalachee massacre
    1707 Act of Union unified the Parliaments of England and Scotland, created the Kingdom of Great Britain
    1719 Carolina split into two colonies; South Carolina became a royal colony
    1729 North Carolina became royal colony
    1732-1752 Georgia governed by the Georgia Trustees
    1733 Savannah, Georgia founded
    1751 Slavery made legal in Georgia

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