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4.11: Chronology

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    The following chronology is a list of important dates and events associated with this chapter.

    Date Event
    1558-1603 Reign of Elizabeth I of England
    1578 Sir Humphrey Gilbert granted the right to colonize North America
    1583 Sir Humphrey lost at sea
    1584 Walter Raleigh’s expedition discovered the Outer Banks and Roanoke Island
    1585 Raleigh’s second expedition under Sir Richard Grenville sailed for Roanoke and left a small colony of soldiers under Ralph Lane
    1586 Lane abandoned Roanoke and returned to England with Sir Francis Drake, leaving behind a small garrison. Grenville arrived, and finding no one, returned to England
    1587 Raleigh’s third expedition under John White with a colony of families landed on Roanoke Island. White returned to England for supplies.
    1588 England defeated the Spanish Armada; Grenville barred from sailing to Roanoke; White sailed with a privateer.
    1590 White reached Roanoke, found sign suggesting that the colony moved to Croatan.
    1602 Raleigh sent an expedition to Outer banks, found no sign of “lost” colony.
    1603 Elizabeth I died; James VI of Scotland (James I of England) assumed the throne
    1606 Virginia Company of London created; Colonizers sent to Virginia
    1607 Colonists landed at Jamestown
    1609 Starving Time begans in Jamestown
    1610 Starving Time ended with more than 80 percent of the Jamestown colonists dead.
    1616 Tobacco production began in earnest in Virginia
    1620 Mayflower landed in Plymouth, Massachusetts
    1621 First Thanksgiving celebrated in Plymouth
    1623 John Mason and John Wheelwright founded Hover, New Hampshire
    1625 Charles I assumed English throne
    1629-1640 The Eleven-Year Tyranny
    1630 Arbella landed in Massachusetts Bay
    1631 William Clayborne of Virginia set up a trading post on Kent Island in what would become Maryland territory
    1632 George Calvert, Baron Baltimore applied for a charter for a royal colony at Maryland
    1634 Leonard Calvert, son of George, arrived in Maryland
    1636 Harvard University Founded; Providence, Portsmouth, and Hartford, Connecticut founded.
    1637-1638 Pequot War
    1638 New Haven Colony founded
    1639 Fundamental Orders of Connecticut adopted
    1640 “Long” Parliament convened in London
    1641 New Hampshire became part of Massachusetts Bay
    1642 Old Deluder Satan Law established schools in Massachusetts Bay; English Civil War begins
    1643 New England Confederation created
    1660 The Half Way Covenant adopted by the Massachusetts General Court; Charles II restored to English throne
    1663 Albonquin language Bible published in Massachusetts Bay
    1675 King Philip’s War; Death of Cecilius, 2nd Baron Baltimore; Rebellion in Maryland
    1679 New Hampshire became royal colony, independent of Massachusetts Bay
    1681 Rebellion in Maryland
    1684 Dominion of New England created
    1685 Death of Charles II; James II ascended to the English throne
    1688 James II of England overthrown in the “Glorious Revolution”; the Glorious Revolution in the Colonies; Dominion of New England dissolved; Coode’s Rebellion in Maryland; Calvert family lost charter of Maryland
    1689 Maryland became a royal colony
    1691 Massachusetts Bay and Plymouth united into one royal colony
    1692-1693 Witchcraft scare in Salem Village

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