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2.8: Chronology

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    The following chronology is a list of important dates and events associated with this chapter.

    Date Event
    642-800 Muslim conquest of Egypt and North Africa
    650-1500 Slave trade from sub-Saharan Africa to Mediterranean
    900-1100 Kingdom of Ghana created and flourished
    1100-1400 Great Zimbabwe built and flourished
    1154 Henry II became King of England, launching the Angevin dynasty
    1180 Phillip II became the King of France and then expanded Capetian control over the continent
    1194 Phillip II of France and Richard I of England began a war over Normandy
    1215 King John of England accepted the Magna Carta
    1250 End of Portuguese Reconquista
    1300 Kilwa becomes the most power city state in East Africa
    1312-1337 Reign of Mansa Musa in Mali
    1324-1325 Mansa Musa’s pilgrimage to Mecca
    1337 Hundred Years’ War between England and France broke out
    1348 The Black Death (the Plague) spread across Europe
    1369 Chinese defeated the Mongols and founded the Ming dynasty
    1405-1433 Zheng He’s seven voyages into the Indian Ocean region
    1453 Wars of the Roses began in England
    1485 Henry VII became King of England, ending the Wars of the Roses and launching the Tudor dynasty
    1487 Bartlolmieu Dias rounded Cape of Good Hope
    1492 Columbus began his first voyage; Spanish Reconquista ended; Muslims and Jew expelled from Spain
    1494 Treaty of Tordesillas signed
    c. 1500 The travels of Leo Africanus
    1510 Leo Africanus reached Great Zimbabwe
    1511 Portuguese conquest of Strait of Malacca
    1516 Francis I of France and Pope Leo X signed the Concordat of Bologna
    1517 Martin Luther launched a protest against the Roman Catholic Church which led to the Protestant Reformation
    1525 Magellan's fleet returned after successfully circumnavigating the globe
    1527 Henry VIII, seeking to divorce Catherine of Aragon, touched off the Protestant Reformation in England
    1529 Tready of Zaragoza signed
    1558 Elizabeth I became the Queen of England
    1572 Saint Bartholomew’s Day Massacre led to the War of the Three Henrys
    1598 Henry IV issued the Edict of Nantes, which granted the Huguenots the liberty of conscience and the liberty of worship

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