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1: Acknowledgments

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    I'd like to recognize

    • Ellen McPeek Glisan for her extensive work helping to create an early sketch and draft of significant portions of the book;
    • Carol Whitney for her early project management expertise;
    • Michael Boezi for his early encouragement of this project and his consistent enthusiasm for it throughout;
    • Jeff Shelstad for taking the time to talk with my department in January of 2009;
    • Eric Frank for his vision for the future of textbooks and higher education;
    • Pam Hersperger for her steady editorial hand and command of the complicated process of putting a book like this together;
    • Claire Hunter for her editorial assistance and encouragement;
    • Stacy Claxton, Christina Chimi, Elvis Ramirez, and the copy editors and formatting experts at Scribe;
    • Kelly McDonald, Jen Welchans, Brett Sullivan, and others at Unnamed Publisher who have helped to get the word out about this book and the concepts behind it;
    • my colleagues in composition at J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College, across the commonwealth of Virginia, and around the country;
    • my family for their patience with my monomaniacal devotion to this project; and
    • my students, who inspire me every day with their courage and determination to make a better life for themselves, their families, and their communities.

    The author and Unnamed Publisher would like to acknowledge the following reviewers:

    • Miranda S. Miller
    Gillette College

    • Melanie Jenkins
    Snow College

    • Jon Zonderman
    Naugatuck Valley Community College
    University of Bridgeport

    • Dr. Robert Soza
    Mesa Community College

    • Sheila R. Craft
    Ivy Tech Community College

    • Brett H. Bodily
    North Lake College

    • Marilyn Wooldridge
    Tarrant County College

    • Dr. Julia Sexton
    Tarrant County Community College—South Campus

    • Lindsey Davis
    Tarrant County College

    • Andrew S. Tomko
    Bergen Community College

    • Lisa M. Giles
    University of New England

    • Vickie Melograno
    Atlantic Cape Community College

    • Dr. L. Lennie Irvin
    San Antonio College

    • Jeff Landon
    John Tyler Community College

    • Karyn L. Smith
    Housatonic Community College

    • Jonathan Purkiss
    Pulaski Technical College

    • Jennifer Ravey
    Lamar University

    • Kristen M. Dechert
    Mississippi State University

    • Martha Michieka
    East Tennessee State University

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