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14.1: End On A Silly Note

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    Things I Wish I Knew When I Was 16, according to former students at NDSCS

    //Motorcycles save a lot on gas. Don’t quit a sport to work; be smart about it. Don’t eat McDonalds every day. Spend more time with your mom. Have a good rapport with the janitors and the lunch ladies. You don’t have to be the best-looking guy to get a girl – usually making them laugh is a great place to start. Go to bed as early as possible. I wish I knew that the amount of girls you had sex with doesn’t help you get a job promotion. Don’t worry about not growing a beard; it doesn’t make you any more of a man. Don’t worry about how much alcohol you can consume, unless you want to spend big bucks on booze. Your vehicle doesn’t have to be super awesome or new as long as it gets you from point A to B. Your mom won’t always be there to do your laundry or make your appointments. Common courtesy is a huge factor in how you get treated and respected: Please/Thank you! Friends and acquaintances are easily mixed up at such a young age. Use your voice. Wear a condom. The cute ones are usually the worst ones. Let the haters hate. Don’t be intimidated by college: kick its ass. Stop trying to impress people. It’s never late to do the right thing. Trust needs to be earned. Alcohol abuse will give you the illusion of happiness. Lasting and true beauty is within. My teachers aren’t out to make my life hell. Being a leader is a cursing and a blessing. You can make it out of the hood. A lot of people are fake. Stay true to who you are. Enjoy youth. Making excuses gets you nowhere. Help anyone in need. Work for what you want - no cutting corners or kissing asses. Always wear your seat belt. To brush my teeth all the time like the orthodontist said to. Don’t be a little prick to people even if you don’t care for them. That chewing tobacco isn’t cool. Learn how to speak a different language. How to ask for a raise and how to start a business. To be more open to everything. Learn how to play an instrument. It’s okay to save sex for marriage. Never play a game of pick-up basketball in expensive jeans. Speeding tickets are expensive. Car payments are hell. No one is perfect. Hormones suck! Wearing make-up is not a must. There are more fish in the sea. Have something to live for (figure out your purpose in life). You are an amazing person. Change a diaper. Underwear lines don’t matter. It’s okay to be alone. Cheating is only cheating yourself. Give people a second chance. You’re not FAT. Don’t follow the family tradition. Life is short so you have to say F*CK it every now and then. Don’t drop college algebra. Buy more guns. Take time to slow down. Drugs are bad, mmkay? Learn how to drive a stick.//

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