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Accessibility Statement (Original Text)

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    PDXScholar supports the creation, use, and remixing of open educational resources (OER). Portland State University (PSU) Library acknowledges that many open educational resources are not created with accessibility in mind, which creates barriers to teaching and learning. PDXScholar is actively committed to increasing the accessibility and usability of the works we produce and/or host. We welcome feedback about accessibility issues our users encounter so that we can work to mitigate them. Please email us with your questions and comments at

    “Accessibility Statement” is a derivative of Accessibility Statement by BCcampus, and is licensed under CC BY 4.0.

    Accessibility of EmpoWORD

    A prior version of this document contained multiple accessibility issues. EmpoWORD now meets the criteria outlined below, which is a set of criteria adapted from BCCampus’ Checklist for Accessibility, licensed under CC BY 4.0. This book contains the following accessibility and usability features:

    Multiple File Formats Available

    This book is available in multiple formats: an editable Word document, a PDF (with files for the whole book and individual Parts), and a webbook on the Pressbooks platform. Both the Word and PDF versions are available for free download at Portland State University’s institutional repository, PDXScholar.

    While the Word and PDF versions of this book were created and remediated for more optimal classroom use, the webbook version primarily exists for those interested in editing, building, and/or remixing the material using Pressbooks. Organization of content Content is organized under headings and subheadings, which appear in sequential order and are reflected in the corresponding Table of Contents List structures (numbered and unnumbered) are used


    • All non-decorative images contain alternative text
    • Images do not rely on color to convey meaning

    Font Size and formatting

    • Font size is 12 point or higher for body text
    • Font size is 9 point or higher for footnotes, endnotes, and table captions
    • Chapter Vocabulary and glossary words have “Emphasis” style in Word to avoid relying on color and formatting alone to convey meaning.
    • No known repeated characters or excessive spaces

    Known Issues/Potential barriers to accessibility


    • Many tables throughout the book have been used for layout purposes, which pose barriers to accessibility. Many of these layout tables do not contain header rows, and some contain merged/split cells.
    • Excessive blank spaces appear in tables throughout the book that serve as worksheets or graphic organizers

    Images & Text boxes

    • Many images and textboxes are not in-line with text.
    • Users may experience inconsistent access to text boxes and callout boxes. Text boxes include alternative text as a hopeful workaround, but please contact us if you have trouble.


    • This book links out to multimedia resources not created by PSU, which may not have been created with accessibility in mind. Transcripts and closed captions are forthcoming for the three PSU-created videos that appear in the book, available via PSU Media Space.


    • Not all hyperlinks use descriptive link text.

    If you have trouble accessing this material, please contact us at This accessibility statement has been adopted and adapted from Accessibility Statement and Appendix A: Checklist for Accessibility found in Accessibility Toolkit - 2nd Edition by BCcampus, and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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