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    Virginia Western Community College, Roanoke, Virginia


    Kathy Boylan, English Department

    Elizabeth Browning, English Department

    Katelyn Burton, Brown Library

    Kirsten DeVries, English Department

    Jenifer Kurtz, English Department


    Ann Moser, English Department

    Project Manager:

    Dale Dulaney, Brown Library

    Graphic Designer:

    Kalyca Schultz, Brown Library

    Peer Reviewers:

    Sarah Chitwood, English Department

    Nancy Francisco, Academic Link, Writing Center

    Janet Little, English Department

    Annie Woodford, English Department

    Christine Woods, English Department


    Virginia Western Educational Foundation, Inc.

    Special Thanks:

    This book’s title is the suggestion of Eileen Franco, a student in Elizabeth Browning’s ENG 111 class.

    The cover is the work of Noah Sutphin, a student in ART 247, Painting Technique, created under the supervision of Professor Sue Steele Thomas.

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