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24.1: Outcome: Sentence Structure

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  • Skills to Develop

    • Explain common sentence structures
    • Explain sentence punctuation patterns
    • Explain run-on sentences
    • Explain sentence fragments
    • Explain parallel structure

    Explain common sentence types and common errors in sentence composition

    It’s important to have variety in your sentence length and structure. In order to create this variety, you need to know how sentences work and how to create them. Even in the illustration below, the sentences offer a wide variety of content even by using a very restricted vocabulary and structure.


    Figure \(\PageIndex{1}\)

    In this outcome we will analyze the parts of sentences and learn how they fit together to create the effect you seek on your readers.

    The Learning Activities for this Outcome Include

    • Text: Parts of a Sentence
    • Text: Common Sentence Patterns
    • Text: Run-on Sentences
    • Text: Sentence Fragments
    • Text: Parallel Structure
    • Self Check: Sentence Structure
    • Try It: Sentence Structure
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