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15.6.3: Sample Lesson Plan on Key Words and Search Engines

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    • Natalie Peterkin
    • East Los Angeles Community College & Mount San Antonio College
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    This exercise will help students understand the importance of keywords and the difference between search engines.

    Group Exercise 

    • Give the whole class one topic to investigate.

    • Assign each student groups a different search engine (i.e. Google, Google Scholar, Bing, DuckDuckGo, your college library, and so on), and have each group find an interesting article on that same topic.

    • With the whole class, have students share the search phrase they used and the article they found. Then, consider the following questions:

      • What keywords did the groups use, and how did that seem to impact their search results?

      • What types of sources did each group find? (See 6.5: Types of Sources) How much authority and credibility does each source have?

      • Do the search results seem to have different audiences in mind? Why or why not?

    Optional Extension

    • Students can practice their reading skills by quickly skimming and summarizing the articles.

    • Record the process on the keywords worksheet.

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