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2.9: Unit 1 Writing Task- Putting it All Together

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    Writing Task 1

    In this chapter, we have learned that in English and in many other languages, the planets are named after the gods of Greek mythology. We also had a reading about sending LEGOS to space. For this essay, answer the following question: Should humans explore space?

    • Write a five-paragraph essay explaining why space exploration is or is not a good idea. Support your reasons with outside research.
    • Your essay should be at least 2–3 pages with an MLA style Works Cited page, double-spaced, with Times New Roman size 12 font. You need at least 3 different sources.
    • You may use rebuttals and concessions, but stick to your opinion and stay strong. You may use research from the opposing side in your rebuttal and concession.

    Writing Task 2

    Write an essay describing how ancient or historical culture, either in your country or from another country, influenced your country in three of the following ways:

    • Politics
    • Art and architecture
    • Religion/philosophy
    • Literature
    • Science

    End of Unit Journal Questions

    1. Which mythological character that you have read about so far seems the most interesting? Explain why.
    2. Choose one of the critical thinking questions that you found to be the most interesting to expand upon in your journal.
    3. Write a diary entry in the perspective of one of the characters. What would their daily life be like? What is their personality?

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