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Map of Places in the Stories

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    Below is a map showing most of the cities and places mentioned in the stories in this textbook. Many of these places still have the same name as they did thousands of years ago when the stories were created. Don’t forget to come back to this map as you read the stories to find the places they mention or visit this interactive map online.

    (CC BY-SA; Charity Davenport using Piktochart and original map by Lencer on Wikipedia)
    Sappho, by Alexandre Isailoff, \ccpd

    One place on this map is not mentioned in a story, but we do get a word in English from it. One of the most famous ancient Greek poets, named Sappho, lived on the island of Lesbos. She wrote over 10,000 lines of poetry, although most of it has not survived. She is often associated with love between women, and although the topic of she herself being in love with women is debatable, her home is where we get the word “lesbian” in English.

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