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Are you in need of information regarding Domestic Violence? - Jacqueline Portugal

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    • Jacqueline Portugal at Pima Community College

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    One out of three women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime; domestic violence is a topic that should be talked about more often to inform others on how they should proceed when coming in contact with a situation regarding domestic violence. Domestic violence comes in many forms: it can be verbal, emotional, sexual, and financially abusive ("Is yelling at someone domestic violence"). Tucson's police department gets about fifteen thousand calls a year regarding domestic violence, and forty-six deaths a year are related to domestic violence (Schmidt). I myself have witnessed a domestic violence situation with a young couple in their twenties in a local grocery store in my neighborhood, a few years back. The feeling of seeing someone try to take involuntary control of someone vulnerable is definitely a feeling that makes you think about everything that goes on behind their doors at home because he did not feel embarrassed or frightened that people were seeing what he was doing, and during those seconds of it happening in front of your eyes, it is very hard to process what is exactly happening.

    If you are ever in a situation where someone, it doesn't matter who it is, or see others in a situation that involves violence do not hesitate to call 911 or the domestic violence hotline. They are available 24 hours 7 days a week @ 800-799-7233. Maybe you are the voice they need to get out of that abusive situation. The benefits of you calling 911 for any related situation will help the person in need but also make you feel like you did something for them, and did not pretend you didn't see anything when you clearly did, and if you do not call you might feel guilty later on and regret you did not call it in. Imagine if you did not try to help that person and the next morning you saw a news report about a death relating to domestic violence. You are going to feel horrible knowing you were able to save someone's life and you did not. It is better to be safe than sorry, in my opinion.

    There are books, support groups, and community services locally in almost every neighborhood that will help anyone in need. There are great books that can help anyone in need of insight, and certain books have a great way of describing another person's point of view that will make you think about you or other's situation. Around Tucson there are a few community service centers to help victims of domestic violence get therapy or counseling to help them heal and move on from such a horrific phase in their lives. Emerge-center against domestic violence and our family services are great places to get resources from. Google also has a great number of credible websites dedicated to domestic violence victims all over the nation.

    The consequences of having an offense of domestic violence are not taken lightly here in Arizona; violence is not necessarily the only reason to get an offense. Domestic violence can happen in any of these relationships (marriage or prior marriage, currently or prior dating relationship, lived together now or in the past, child in common, or pregnant, related by blood to defendant or defendant’s spouse, related as in-law (e.g., parent in-law, brother/sister in-law), and stepparent or stepchild). There are three types of charges for having an offense of domestic violence: misdemeanor domestic violence charges, felony domestic violence charges, and aggravated domestic violence, which can go up to fifteen years in state prison if convicted more than once. Domestic violence is no joke and should not be taken lightly by anyone. Once again if you are in a situation or see someone being abused, please speak up and call 911 or the emergency hotline for D.V. @ 800-799-7233.


    Domestic violence hotline number available 24 hours 7 days a week that serves as a support group as well @ 800-799-7233.

    Resource Book for Domestic Violence victim (Domestic violence: MegaSearch -

    Scholarly Resource Article for Domestic violence Patriarchy, transgenerational trauma,and passion for change: Vicarious exp...: MegaSearch (

    A couple of community service centers located in Tucson, Arizona are Home * Emerge( and Home - Our Family Services.

    These two community centers will have the resource for any D.V. victim to have access to therapy and support groups for domestic violence.


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