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4.2: Culture: Interviews: Race and gender in Latin America

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    Home D iscuss issues related to race, color, and gender, as it pertains to professional activities in your country.

    th_bueso.jpg Carlos José Bueso Más (Puerto Rico) “Well, thank you, I believe that in Latin America there is a marked difference in the type of candidate…”
    th_geraldina.jpg Geraldina Villarreal de la Fuente (Monterrey, Mexico) “In what way is it different? Here one doesn’t differentiate in regards to race, but more in regards to gender…”
    th_alicia.jpg Alicia Fonseca Reséndiz (Monterrey, Mexico) “Well here in Mexico we don’t really have a mix of races as much as you have in the United States…”
    th_claudia.jpg Claudia Vila (Lima, Peru) “Well, here in Peru there is a little difference in the treatment of executives as to their race and sex…”
    th_naranjo.jpg Enrique Vila Naranjo (Lima, Peru) “We can tell you definitely that here in Peru racism does exist. A racism that isn’t from now…”
    th_salmon.jpg Roberto Salmón Rodríguez (Lima, Peru) “Well, as I was explaining to you, in Peru there are basically three natural regions: the coast…”
    th_virgilio.jpg Virgilio Armas Acosta (Caracas, Venezuela) “The relationships between people of different color is very friendly, there are no conflicts…”
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