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4.3: Spanish Grammar in Context

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    Spanish Grammar    (See webpage for complete content)


    ar Verbs (Regular) Present Tense


    -ar verbs from the Spanish in Texas Corpus

    hablar  ‘to speak’
    yo hablo nosotros/as hablamos
    tú hablas  
    él/ella/usted habla ellos/as/ustedes hablan
    past participle: hablado

    Of the three verb groups (-ar-er-ir), ar verbs are the most numerous. To conjugate, drop the ar from the infinitive to form the stem. Next, add endings to the stem. The following example has three -ar verbs cambiar, estudiar, tomar conjugated in the present tense:

    Pero te cambia mucho en la perspectiva ya cuando estudias más grande porque ya el estudio, ya lo tomas con mucha seriedad.But it changes you in your perspective when you study as an adult because now your studies, you take it much more seriously.Present tense endings: -o, -as, -a, -amos, -an



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