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6.1: Chapter 6 Overview

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  • What You’ll Learn To Do: Examine late Greek art and understand its influence on art history.

    In Chapter 6 we will continue to examine Ancient Greek art. We will look at how this art contributed to the larger development of Western art. It is imperative to understand Ancient Greek art in order to see how it impacted later artistic developments.

    Learning Activities

    The learning activities for this module include:

    • Review: Key Learning Items

    Late Classical Period

    • Watch: Lysippos: Farnese Herucles (6:27)
    • Watch: After Praxiteles, Venus (9:08)

    Hellenistic Period

    • Watch: Barberini Faun (5:57)
    • Watch: Dying Gaul (3:31)
    • Watch: Nike of Samothrace (2:54)
    • Watch: The Pergamon Altar (8:49)
    • Watch: Boxer at Rest (4:13)
    • Watch: Alexander Mosaic (5:53)
    • Watch: Laocoön and his Sons (3:42)
    • Watch: Eros Sleeping and an Old Market Woman (5:19)
    • Read: Petra: An Introduction
    • Read: Petra: Rock Cut Facades
    • Read: Petra: Urban Metropolis

    Extra Review

    • Review: External Resources


    • Submit: Module 6 Quiz (5 points)
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