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1.1: Chapter 1 Overview

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  • What You’ll Learn To Do: Navigate the history and language of art.

    Chapter 1 will serve as an introduction to the History of Art. We will cover some important art historical concepts and terms. It is imperative to understand the “language” of Art History in order to evaluate works of art.

    Learning Activities

    The learning activities for this module include:

    • Review: Key Learning Items

    Understanding Art

    • Read: Common Questions about Dates
    • Read: A Beginner’s Guide to the History of Western Culture
    • Watch: Why Look at Art? (1:55)
    • Watch: The Skill of Describing (3:42)
    • Read: Patronage and the Status of the Artist
    • Watch: Glossary of Art Terms (4:04)

    Extra Review

    • Review: External Resource


    • Submit: Module 1 Quiz (5 points)
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