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9: Lighting

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    Learning Objectives
    • Review the lamps and lighting instruments that are commonly used in video production.
    • Examine the qualities of light and how we can manipulate light to get the look for any production.
    • Explore light placement and illustrate different lighting designs.

    • 9.1: Measuring Light
      Here we will cover how light is measures and what instruments are used to measure light.
    • 9.2: Types of Lamps
      Lamps are the light bulbs used in professional production lights. In this section, we'll go over the most commonly used in video production.
    • 9.3: Qualities of Light
      Light hitting a subject has different qualities based on the lighting instrument you use. Here, we'll go over the different qualities of light that can determine the feel of your shot.
    • 9.4: Common Lights
      In this section, we look at the most common lights you will find on any set, whether in the field or in the studio.
    • 9.5: Light Modification and Control
      There are so many ways we can manipulate light to have the shape and texture needed for a particular shot. In this section, we'll look at different modifiers and their benefits.
    • 9.6: Lighting Design
      Where lights are placed on a set has a great effect on what the subject looks like on camera. Here, we'll talk about Three-Point Lighting and other designs you can use for your productions.

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