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4: Production Preparation

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    Learning Objectives
    1. Learn what items go into a Production Plan and and why a Production Plan it is necessary.
    2. Learn how to create a Production Bible.
    3. Gain an understanding of the the business side of filmmaking.

    • 4.1: Planning to Shoot
      Crafting a script gets your words and action ready, but are you really ready to uncase your camera equipment and iron your costumes for the actual production? Production is a wagon train of equipment, people & services coordinated by time and location. Create a detailed organizational plan.
    • 4.2: The Production Bible
      A production bible details many aspects of the video project. Production details are created in preproduction and constantly updated through production. Each production defines its own guide. A long film with many scenes with a large cast and crew may take more pages than a twenty-minute documentary.
    • 4.3: The Business of Filmmaking
      Face it, you are a business. When Filmmaking, like many businesses, you hire people, create a product, market that product, and realize a return on investment (ROI). If you hope to reap any profit or recognition, or write off any equipment, you will have to act like a business. You will pay taxes based on profits and write-offs and may need an accountant to keep track of your business. If you do not have a business license, your community may require one before you start your shoot.

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