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2: Releases and Contracts

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    Learning Objectives
    1. Become familiar with contracts, release forms, and confidentiality agreements.
    2. Learn how to create a project estimate that clearly outlines the scope of work for your video production.
    3. Gain an understanding of the complex world of image rights and music licensing

    • 2.1: Legal Protections
      Obtaining talent release forms from people participating on camera is required for all video productions outside of personal use. Securing location release forms and liability insurance helps protect your personal assets from being at risk.
    • 2.2: Image Licensing
      Understanding how to license music and images for your video production will help "future-proof" your video if you decide to enter it in festivals or release it to the public.
    • 2.3: Music Licensing
      It’s very likely you will want to use music in your video production, whether it’s a training video for a corporate client or a short film or documentary that you may want to enter in a festival or distribute online. Read this chapter to learn how to license music for your videos depending on the use.

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