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    Example and Directions
    Words (or words that have the same definition) The definition is case sensitive (Optional) Image to display with the definition [Not displayed in Glossary, only in pop-up on pages] (Optional) Caption for Image (Optional) External or Internal Link (Optional) Source for Definition
    (Eg. "Genetic, Hereditary, DNA ...") (Eg. "Relating to genes or heredity") The infamous double helix CC-BY-SA; Delmar Larsen
    Glossary Entries
    Word(s) Definition Image Caption Link Source
    A’ t’ other at the other        
    Abate lessen        
    Abhors hates        
    Addled beaten        
    Affliction disaster        
    Affray tear apart        
    Alack (expression of grief)        
    Alderman councilman        
    Aloof at a distance        
    Ambling dancing        
    Ambuscados ambushes        
    Amerce punish        
    Anon right away        
    Answer it accept        
    Apace quickly        
    Aqua-vitae liquor        
    Array attire        
    Aspired gone up towards        
    Asunder apart        
    Atomies miniscule creatures        
    Attending attentive        
    Bad’st advised        
    Baggage useless woman        
    Bandy throw        
    Bark sailboat        
    Bauble jester’s baton        
    Bawdy indecent        
    Be forsworn go back on my word        
    Be perverse play hard-to-get        
    Be shrived have confession        
    Bedaubed smeared        
    Bedeck decorate        
    Beggarly small        
    Beguiled deceived        
    Behooveful necessary        
    Bent intentions        
    Bescreened concealed        
    Beseech beg        
    Beshrew curse        
    Bestrides straddles        
    Bethink think hard        
    Bier coffin        
    Blaze publicize        
    Blazon describe        
    Bliss heaven        
    Bondage familial duties        
    Bosom breast        
    Bound indebted        
    Bower give sanctuary        
    Brine salt water; tears        
    Broad fat        
    Caitiff miserable; vile        
    Cankered infested        
    Carelessly without care        
    Carrion rotting meat        
    Challenge claim        
    Cheveril stretchy leather        
    Chide scold        
    Chidest scolded        
    Choler anger        
    Churl selfish person        
    Close concealing        
    Clout piece of cloth        
    Collar part of a harness        
    Colliers coal miners        
    Complements good manners        
    Conduit fountain        
    Confounds destroys        
    Confusions yelling; commotion        
    Conjure summon (as in a spirit)        
    Cordial medicinal drink        
    Corns foot calluses        
    Counsel private thoughts        
    Countervail equal        
    Crochet a musical note        
    Crow-keeper scarecrow        
    Culled selected        
    Deal double double cross        
    Deck dress        
    Demesnes lands owned        
    Descry decipher        
    Desperate tender risky offer        
    Despite spite        
    Dirges songs of lamentation        
    Discords ugly noise        
    Discourses communicates        
    Displant displace        
    Dissemblers liars        
    Distempered troubled        
    Division melody        
    Doff remove, cast away        
    Doting lovesick        
    Doublet jacket        
    Down in bed        
    Dram small drink        
    Drawer bartender        
    Dry-beat thrash        
    Ducats gold coins        
    Dug breast        
    Dump sad song        
    Effeminate womanish; unmanly        
    Ell forty-five inches        
    Enjoined compelled        
    Enmity hostility        
    Ensign banner        
    Envious malicious        
    Environed surrounded; buried        
    Ere before        
    Ethiop’s Ethiopian’s        
    Fain gladly        
    Fair with civility        
    Faith faithfulness; steadiness        
    Fast fast asleep        
    Fearful anxious        
    Fee-simple ownership        
    Feeling devastating        
    Fettle prepare        
    Fiddlestick sword        
    Fie (expression of disgust)        
    Field dueling-place        
    Flint hardships of life        
    Fond foolish        
    Form formalities        
    Forsooth truly        
    Forswear swear off        
    Forth gone        
    Fortnight two weeks        
    Gadding wandering        
    Gall bitterness, bile        
    Gapes opens        
    Ghostly spiritual        
    Give name        
    Gleek insult        
    Good den good afternoon        
    Good meaning good intentions        
    Goose sex worker        
    Gore clotted        
    Gossamers spider’s webs        
    Gossip good friend        
    Grace virtue        
    Grandsire old man        
    Gravity “serious” things        
    Hap happening        
    Happy fortunate        
    Hark listen        
    Harlotry unprincipled behavior        
    Haughty arrogant        
    Heaviness sadness        
    Hie hurry        
    Hilding worthless person        
    Hinds peasants; servants        
    Ho now        
    Homely simple        
    Humorous humid        
    Idolatry worship        
    Ill unskilled        
    Ill-beseeming unnatural        
    Import imply        
    In faith truly        
    In post by horseback        
    In twain in half        
    Inundation overflowing abundance        
    Invocation appeal        
    Jack fellow        
    Jealous curious        
    Jesu Jesus        
    Jocund cheerful        
    Joiner carpenter        
    Jointure dowry        
    Knaves fools        
    Like likely        
    Livery servant’s uniform        
    Lolling loose        
    Look be careful        
    Lustier energetic        
    Maidenheads virginities        
    Maidenhoods virginities        
    Mammet doll        
    Mantle cloak        
    Marry really        
    Martial soldier-like        
    Masque masquerade        
    Mattock pickaxe        
    Maw mouth        
    Misadventure accident, or failed attempt        
    Modern ordinary        
    Monument Capulet family tomb        
    Mousehunt a ladies’ man        
    Moved provoked        
    Naught evil        
    Near ally close relative        
    Needly necessarily        
    Nice unimportant        
    Nothing no wounds        
    Numbers verse        
    Nuptial wedding        
    Nuts hazelnuts        
    O’erperch fly over        
    Office duty        
    Ope open        
    Orisons prayers        
    Overthrows destruction        
    Paramour lover        
    Parts qualities        
    Pate head        
    Pennyworths money’s worth        
    Penury extreme poverty        
    Peppered done for        
    Perforce by force        
    Peruse examine        
    Philome Film; fine thread        
    Physic remedy        
    Poor modest        
    Portentous of a warning        
    Posterity future children        
    Poultice homemade ointment        
    Powder gunpowder        
    Practice stratagems play tricks        
    Prates a stupid answer        
    Prating thing burbling baby        
    Presage foreshadow        
    Press hurry        
    Procures sends        
    Proof immune        
    Provision food and drink        
    Puling whimpering        
    Pureblind blind        
    Quince fruit        
    Quit pay you for        
    Quite entirely        
    Rails complains        
    Redress relief        
    Resign return        
    Resort haunt        
    Roared used        
    Rood cross        
    Ropery trickery        
    Rude will desire        
    Rushes the floor        
    Sack destroy        
    Saucy merchant con man        
    Scant hardly        
    Sepulcher burial place        
    Set praised        
    Severing parting        
    Shadows dreams        
    Shape body        
    Show appearance        
    Shrift absolution, confession        
    Simpleness nonsense        
    Simples herbs        
    Slip counterfeit coin        
    Slugabed sleepyhead        
    Small not much        
    Soft wait        
    Sojourn stay awhile        
    Sped done for        
    Spinners’ legs spider legs        
    Spit impale        
    Spring source        
    Steads benefits        
    Stifled suffocated        
    Stock breeding; pedigree        
    Sunder cut off        
    Surcease cease        
    Sweetmeats candy        
    Ta'en taken        
    Tallow pale        
    Teen misery        
    Temper mix, or dilute        
    Thither there        
    Traces reins        
    True honest        
    Trunk chest        
    Tut (expresses disapproval)        
    Unattainted impartial        
    Unfurnished unprepared        
    Unruly spleen bad temper        
    Untaught rude        
    Unthrifty unfortunate        
    Validity value        
    Vestal virginal        
    Vexed distressed; frustrated        
    Visage face; expression        
    Visor mask        
    Wanton child or careless person        
    Ward a child        
    Weak dealing poor behavior        
    Weal happiness        
    Weeds clothes        
    Welladay woe the day        
    Wherefore why        
    Whither where        
    Wink shut        
    Wot know        
    Wrenching iron crowbar        
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