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Voz pasiva

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    "Ser" + participio

    Práctica 49A (§49)

    Traducción al inglés
    1) The Caribbean islands were explored by Christopher Columbus in 1492. 2) That problem was solved by the government last year. 3) In the colonial era, many Africans were sold as slaves. 4) The secret was not revealed until not much time ago. 5) Our house was built by a famous Mexican architect. 6) All of us were interrogated by the police after the accident. 7) The city of Lima was founded in 1535 by Francisco Pizarro. 8) The silver mines in Potosí, Bolivia, were discovered in 1545. 9) Paraguay was occupied by Brazilian troops between 1870 and 1876.

    Voz pasiva con "se"

    Práctica 49B (§49)

    Traducción al inglés
    1) In the colonial era, the laws dictated in Spain were not always obeyed. 2) For example, officially, it was only allowed the trading with Madrid, 3) but many products were often trafficked with other European countries. 4) Many forbidden books used to be published as well. 5) According to the law, Indian reservations had to be respected, 6) but many of them were invaded for agriculture or mining. 7) In Madrid, many laws were issued to protect citizens, 8) but few of those laws were implemented in America.

    "Se" + objeto indirecto

    Práctica 49C (§49)

    Traducción al inglés
    1) They didn't give me the information. I was not given the correct information. 2) Look, you dropped a book. This book fell off you in the hall. 3) They told her what to do. She was told what she needed to do. 4) We never forget her birthday. And last year we didn't forget the date, either. 5) Did they let you all express your opinions? Were you allowed to express freely. 6) They always lose everything, but fortunately they didn't lose anything yesterday. 7) I forgot to say many things during the presentation. I forget the ideas because of the nerves. 8) That cup broke by accident. José broke the cup while doing the dishes.

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