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Hacer impersonal

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  • Estado del clima: ¿hizo o hacía?

    Práctica 42A (§42)

    Hace tiempo

    Práctica 42B (§42)

    Traducción al inglés
    1) I arrived in Montevideo a week ago. 2) You haven't taken a vaction in a long time. 3) I decided to study Spanish several years ago. 4) I have been studying Spanish for several years. 5) I had been studying Spanish for several years. 6) He had been sick for several months. 7) For how long had you been waiting for me when I arrived? 8) For how long (since when) have you been going to dance school? 9) How long ago did you finish eating?

    Hace/hacía tiempo

    Práctica 42C (§42)

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