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Gerundio e infinitivo

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  • Formas del gerundio

    Práctica 34A (§34)

    Traducción al inglés

    1. Excuse me, where's a drugstore? There's one going up that street, to the right. 2. How can I improve my pronunciation? You're going to improve by hearing native speakers and repeating what they say. 3. How did you lose weight? Well, by going to the gym and drinking lots of water. 4. Hey, where's the dog? I don't know, I saw him a while ago begging for food in the kitchen. 5. How can I take better care of myself, doctor? You're going to feel better by sleeping at least six hours every night and by eating well. 6. What are you looking at through the window? It's just that there are some people destroying a sign and protesting for something. 7. I need a bathroom! Yes, there's one going down the stairs and walking to the end of the hall. 8. How can I improve my vocabulary? I do it by reading a lot and listening to songs. 9. What are you watching on TV? There's a couple saying nonsensical things and a man smiling for some reason. 10. Do you still travel to South America every month? Yes, I keep taking trips frequently and my business continues to grow.

    Usos del infinitivo

    Práctica 34B (§34)

    Traducción al inglés

    1. Walking is good for your health. 2. I'm writing to express what I feel. 3. Don't you want to tell me what's going on. 4. Forgetting has its advantages. 5. TI don't mind sleeping on the floor. 6. Mr. Paz is in jail for stealing a loaf of bread. 7. They always remember to take out the garbage at night. 8. You never leave before my arriving. 8. I like peace and I prefer being quiet.

    Al / Acabar de + infinitivo

    Práctica 34C (§34)

    Traducción al inglés

    1. You need to be careful with traffic... when crossing the street. 2. Thanks, I'm not hungry because... ... I just ate. 3. We met at the cinema, ... ... on leaving from a movie. 4. What a joy! Your new book... ... has just arrived. 5. What a coincidence that you're calling me! I... ... just wrote you a message. 6. I like to stay in bed for a little while... ... upon waking up.

    Gerundio vs. infinitivo

    Práctica 34D (§34)

    Traducción al inglés

    1. Is the educational system improving? 2. A group of experts is going to start a conference on teaching. 3. They are gathered to find solutions to the most urgent problems. 4. Changing the system is not easy, but it's possible. 5. Many teachers introduce the topics by asking questions. 6. There are some institutions which prefer giving teachers a lot of freedom. 7. Others continue to control results more strictly. 8. The government continues to stimulate innovative initiatives. 9. No change is going to be effective without knowing youth well.

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