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    Adverbios formados con -mente

    Práctica 24A (§24)

    Adverbios de lugar

    Práctica 24B (§24)

    aún, todavía, ya

    Práctica 65 (§65)

    Traducción al inglés

    1) We have yet another book to read by Tuesday. Have you read it yet? 2) No, I haven't started reading it yet, but I'm sure I will have finished it by Tuesday. What is it about? 3) It's about the life of the Incas when the Spaniards had not arrived in America yet. 4) It's even more interesting than the book from last week. I've already read more than half. 5) But it's pretty long and we don't have much time anymore. Start reading it now! 6) Well, I'm not going to get too worried, since we still have four days left. 7) I think I still can finish it on time, because I'm already prepared for my other classes. 8) But if you had started last week, you would no longer have to worry.

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