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5.2.1: Whose, Who’s and Who’s Exercise

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    Whose, Who’s and Who’s Exercise

    Exercise 3:  Fill in the blanks with a singular possessive noun, please.


    Mr. Bissonnette room is on the second floor. Mr. Bissonnette’s room is on the second floor.
    I picked up the student book.  I picked up the student’s book.

    1.  Mr. Bourret brother is named Tommy.

    2.  Mark wife is a doctor.

    3.  I bought Tom old car last week.

    4.  My student uncle died of a heart attack.

    5.  I stepped on the dog tail by accident.

    6.  My son pants are in the dryer.

    7.  Roger father worked in a car factory.

    8.  I saw the girl new car in her driveway.

    9.  I took care of Tom children last Saturday evening.

    10.  The lion roar scared a lot of people.

    Exercise 4:  Fill in the blanks with a plural possessive noun, please.


    I put the teachers books on their desks. I put the teachers’ books on their desks.

    1.  The children school is on Myrtle Street.

    2.  The women office is on the sixth floor.

    3.  I put the babies clothes in their room.

    4.  I saw the carpenters tools on the floor in the basement.

    5.  I sent the lazy students homework papers to their parents.

    6.  The nurses uniforms are in that closet over there.

    7.  The students books are in the closet on the fourth floor.

    Possessive Adjectives

    The possessive adjectives are similar to pronouns in that they replace possessive nouns.  For example, I can say Don’s books or I can say my books.  “My” means the same thing as “Don’s.” The reason that they are called adjectives is because they must be followed by a noun.  The possessive adjectives are as follows:





    Its          NOUN




    My office is in room 211.

    Your teacher has a long beard.

    His brother lives in Japan.

    Her husband drives an old car.

    Its color is gray.

    Our room is CAS 210.

    Your chairs are made of plastic.

    Their native country is Vietnam.


    Possessive adjectives with their accompanying nouns can come anywhere in a sentence that a noun can come.  As with other adjectives, possessive adjectives do not show plural by adding an “S.”  They never change.

    Exercise 5:  Fill in the blank with a noun after the word “who’s” to show either “who is” or “who has,” please.

    1.  --------------- drinking coffee in this classroom right now?

    2.  --------------- teaching this class now?

    3.  --------------- writing this answer?

    4.  --------------- sitting in front of this classroom now?

    5.  --------------- looking at his students right now?

    6.  --------------- not writing anything right now?

    7.  --------------- wearing a tie in this classroom?

    8.  --------------- sitting in the first row today?

    9.  -------------- wearing traditional clothes in class right now?

    10.  -------------- eaten breakfast this morning?

    11.  --------------- watched television this week?

    12.  --------------- spoken a foreign language today?

    13.  --------------- studied ESL in this classroom?

    14.  --------------- flown in an airplane this year?

    15.  --------------- taken a shower this morning?

    16.  --------------- drunk coffee or tea today?

    17.  --------------- taken the bus to school this morning?

    18.  --------------- bought groceries this week?

    19.  --------------- driving that car?

    20.  --------------- had a car accident this year?

    21.  --------------- the man in the blue suit?

    22.  --------------- got a beautiful long beard?

    Exercise 6:  Fill in the blanks with the correct form of whose or who’s, please.

    1. The man --------------- car is in the parking lot will have a dead battery later on.

    2.  My son --------------- a university student lives in Tacoma.

    3.  --------------- going to go on vacation during the summer?

    4.  The old man --------------- standing in front of you has a dog --------------- eyes are brown and --------------- tail is short.

    5.  --------------- the president of the United States?

    6.  My sons --------------- friends are all young men like to play video games.

    7.  My next-door neighbor --------------- wife works as a physical therapist is a preacher at a Christian church.

    8.  The table --------------- leg is broken will cost a lot to repair.

    9.  I know --------------- sitting in the front row of seats.

    10.  --------------- students are you?  In other words, --------------- your teacher?

    11.  I would like to know --------------- the student --------------- native language is Chinese?

    12.  --------------- classroom is Room 210?

    13.  The house --------------- color is blue has four dormers.

    14.  The woman --------------- husband is on a business trip to France wishes she were with him instead of alone at home.

    15.  My son --------------- playing the violin right now will be hungry very soon.

    16.  --------------- the student --------------- sitting next to the Chinese woman --------------- hair is long and wavy?

    17.  I like people --------------- character is strong and --------------- sense of humor makes them fun to be around.

    18.  Roger, --------------- a teacher at this college and --------------- wife also teaches at this college, is my best friend.

    Whose, Who’s and Who’s Exercise

    Exercise 7:  Fill in the blanks with the correct form of whose or who’s, please.

    1. The man --------------- wife bought a brand new car without telling him was very angry.

    2.  My son --------------- going to go to a classical music concert tonight knows many musicians.

    3.  --------------- brother is going to help you fix your car this weekend?

    4.  The old man --------------- front yard is a mess and ------------------ lying on the sofa is lazy.

    5.  --------------- the student who sits next to you in class and ------------------ hair is red?

    6.  My sons’ friends ------------------- parents are immigrants went to high school with them.

    7.  My next-door neighbor --------------- written many books is also a good gardener.

    8.  The door --------------- handle doesn’t work properly will be expensive to fix.

    9.  I know --------------- stolen a lot of computers from the computer lab.

    10.  --------------- children were on the bus?  In other words, --------------- their mother?

    11.  I can’t comprehend the woman from Florida --------------- killed her two teenage children.

    12.  --------------- office is in Room 211 in Cascade Court?

    13.  The dog --------------- fur is brown and --------------- fought with my dog is dangerous.

    14.  The woman --------------- husband speaks French but ------------- parents are Italian is nice.

    15.  My son --------------- playing the piano but --------------- passion is composition is not here.

    16.  --------------- the student --------------- leg is broken but --------------- finished his homework?

    17.  The book --------------- title is unknown and -------------- author is not famous cost me $1.00.

    18.  Doug, --------------- a teacher at BCC and --------------- son teaches at SSCC, is my friend.

    19.  My sister, --------------- worked as a hairdresser all her life, has a husband --------------- sick.

    20.  America, --------------- first president was George Washington, has had 44 presidents in all.

    21.  My friend --------------- flown airplanes for 20 years but -------------- only 40 years old wants to get different job.

    5.2.1: Whose, Who’s and Who’s Exercise is shared under a CC BY-NC 4.0 license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Don Bissonnette.

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