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9.7: Chronology

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  • The following chronology is a list of important dates and events associated with this chapter.



    1776 Continental Congress instructed the states to devise state governments; George Mason drafted Virginia’s Declaration of Rights; New Hampshire, South Carolina, Virginia, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and North Carolina adopted new state constitutions; Connecticut and Rhode Island revised their colonial charters
    1777 Thomas Jefferson drafted the Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom; Georgia and New York adopted new state constitutions
    1778 South Carolina revised its constitution
    1781 Massachusetts adopted a constitution; The Articles of Confederation took effect
    1784 New Hampshire revised its constitution
    1785 Land Ordinance outlined a plan for surveying and selling government lands
    1786 Virginia legislature approved the Statute of Religious Freedom
    1786-1787 Shays’s Rebellion
    1787 Constitutional Convention held in Philadelphia
    1787-1788 The Federalist Papers were published
    1788 Confederation government was phased out
    1790 Pennsylvania revised its constitution; Rhode Island became the last state to ratify the Constitution
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