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    • Charles Bazerman, Chris Dean, Jessica Early, Karen Lunsford, Suzie Null, Paul Rogers, & Amanda Stansell
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    The thirty chapters in this edited collection were selected from the more than 500 presentations at the Writing Research Across Borders II Conference in 2011. With representatives from more than forty countries, this conference gave rise to the International Society for the Advancement of Writing Research. The chapters selected for this collection represent cutting edge research on writing from all regions, organized around three themes—cultures, places, and measures. The authors report research that considers writing in all levels of schooling, in science, in the public sphere, and in the workplace, as well as the relationship among these various places of writing. The authors also consider the cultures of writing—among them national cultures, gender cultures, schooling cultures, scientific cultures, and cultures of the workplace.

    Charles Bazerman, Professor of Education at the University of California, Santa Barbara, is the author of numerous publications on the social role of writing, academic genres, and textual analysis. Chris Dean, Lecturer in the Writing Program at the University of California, Santa Barbara, recently co-authored the textbook, Terra Incognita: Researching the Weird. Jessica Early, Assistant Professor of English at Arizona State University, is the author of Opening the Gates: Creating Real World Writing Opportunities For Diverse Secondary Students and Stirring Up Justice: Reading and Writing to Change the World. Karen Lunsford, Associate Professor of Writing at the University of California, Santa Barbara, has published on issues including multimodality, science writing, and policy issues that affect writing research. Suzie Null, Assistant Professor of Teacher Education at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado, includes among her publications the co-edited collection, Traditions of Writing Research. Paul Rogers, Assistant Professor of English at George Mason University, is co-editor of two collections, Writing Across the Curriculum: A Critical Sourcebook, and Traditions of Writing Research. Amanda Stansell, Lecturer at the University of California, Santa Barbara, is also co-editor of Traditions of Writing Research.​​​​​​​